The Doctrine of Heaven

Hell and the Wrath of God

The Final Judgment

The Second Coming of Jesus Christ

Christian Baptism

Christianity, War and the Ultimate Sacrifice

The Church: What is it?

The Transformation

The Cross and the Atonement

Who do you say I am?

Sin and Us

Sin: Are we responsible?

The Creation of Man

Christians and Demons – The Battle for our Minds

Fallen Angels


The Providence of God and Evil

The Providence of God and The Story of Balaam

The Providence of God and Our Choice

The Providence of God


The Triune God (Nature of God 7)

The Love of God (Nature of God 6)

Jealous for God’s Glory (Nature of God 5)

The All-Knowing, All-Wise Personal God (Nature of God 4)

The Sovereign, All-Powerful God (Nature of God 3)

God is Spirit and Unchanging (Nature of God 2)

The Self-Existent, Eternal, Omnipresent God (Nature of God 1)

The Scriptures – Part 3 (the tough passages)

The Scriptures – Part 2

The Scriptures – Part 1