As a child growing up in the 60’s, I went regularly to Sunday school at a United Church with my parents and two sisters. It was a safe and happy childhood. In high school I remember being taught about evolution and things contrary to the Bible and creation. A teacher once said to my class that religion was for people who need a crutch. These things confused me. Unfortunately instead of looking more deeply or researching into these things for myself (although there was no internet), I decided the education system must be correct and not the Bible.

At the same time, as a teenager, the things of the world seemed so much more fun and exciting. At my friends’ homes I would hear lyrics of popular songs and watch TV shows that made glamour and attractive looks seem very important. My mind became far more interested in shallow things, and it seemed to me too difficult to be a Christian, or to put it another way, to be ‘good’. I thought I had to earn my way into God’s love and into heaven. Therefore in my late teen years I stopped going to church. I made choices that were pleasing to me at the moment without considering the consequences or who I hurt.

At age 22 I married a Canadian man who was from Barbados and moved to Barbados that same year, 1983. The following year we had a son born to us. For me living in Barbados was lonely and difficult. Five years into living there a Christian woman (whom I had never met before) witnessed to me about her faith in Jesus Christ. She persuaded me to listen to a Christian radio station instead of the secular one I was listening to. I started to hear messages, practical teaching and gospel music all day long. My mind and heart were softened and opened, and I was eager to learn more. She also gave me the book The Helper by Catherine Marshall. It taught me about the work of the Holy Spirit. All alone in a remote northern part of Barbados, I was convicted of my sin, repented and asked Jesus to come into my life as my Saviour and Lord. God changed my wrong thinking about the Bible and his church. I longed to know my Lord better, so I started reading Scripture and obeying it rather than rebelling. Two verses that were very significant to me at that time were John 14:16–17 and Ephesians 2:8–9.

After a few years of living in Barbados I really wanted to move back to Ontario, Canada. However my husband did not. I prayed fervently about it and we did return in 1990. We had no jobs and not much money, but we ended up moving to Ottawa, Ontario. Right away I started attending Calvary Baptist Church, which helped me grow spiritually.

In 1992 we had our second child, a girl. We moved three times in Ontario over the next seven years because my husband had trouble keeping jobs. Then, he wanted to return to Barbados.  So even though it was not what I wanted to do, we moved back in 2003. The years there once more were very stressful and although my husband was not very successful with work, he still refused to consider returning to Canada. I became desperate and depressed about our living situation. Therefore I cried out to God, fasted and prayed. Within a few days of this, my husband for no apparent reason suddenly changed his mind. It took many months to sell our house and there were many hurdles to get over, but finally in 2007 we moved to a small town in Ontario where we bought a small store with a residence above it. This business required a tremendous amount of work and time. However in less than a year my husband died suddenly of a massive heart attack.

The business was not something I could handle on my own and not my interest either, so I put it up for sale, even though many people told me no one would want to purchase it. I prayed for God’s help, guidance and intervention. It sold in 3 months.  Since that time I have been blessed by a second marriage. I have never doubted God’s sovereign presence with me. Sometimes I receive his reproof, sometimes I sense his pleasure. God called us to First Baptist Church in Kingston. We are well taught in the Bible here and enjoy loving Christian fellowship and service. God is good all the time, I praise his holy name!